Homeownership Alliance

The Homeownership Alliance is a new initiative from the National Community Stabilization Trust. The Homeownership Alliance will advocate for more resources and better policies to increase affordable homeownership opportunities for American families. 

The Homeownership Alliance’s members comprise some of the leading nonprofit, mission-focused homeownership practitioners from across the country.  These organizations prepare families to become successful homeowners and finance, renovate, and develop affordable homes that are assets for communities and the families that live in them.   Click on Homeownership Case 2021 to learn more about why this work matters.   

“The organizations in the Alliance share the belief that in the United States, homeownership has long served as the most accessible path for families to build assets,” stated Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership President and CEO John O’Callaghan, one of the founding members of the Alliance.

Mission-driven affordable homeownership developers and lenders can work with families to get them ready for homeownership. They expand the supply of affordable homes by financing, renovating, and building homes that are assets for communities and the families that live in them. Mission-driven homeownership practitioners need a voice in Washington that advocates for new resources for homeownership, improvements in existing programs and the growth of the capacity of non-profits that operate in this sector. 

The Homeownership Alliance will focus on both legislative and regulatory opportunities to increase funding for affordable homeownership by improving and expanding existing programs and creating new sources of funding. Guided by its members, the group’s advocacy will reflect the experiences of and lessons learned by some of the nation’s most innovative and resilient homeownership developers and lenders.   

Homeownership Alliance Policy Agenda

The Homeownership Alliance has 22 Founding Members:

(As of August 27, 2020)

In addition, 12 national partners will participate in the Homeownership Alliance’s policy development and advocacy:

Over time, NCST anticipates adding more members and national partners to this exciting initiative.

For more information about your organization joining the Alliance, please contact Kris Siglin, NCST’s Vice President of Policy and Partnerships, at ksiglin@stabilizationtrust.org


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