Buyer Eligibility

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible housing providers:

  • Are non-profit (501c3) organizations*
  • Commit to revitalizing communities through property acquisition and rehabilitation
  • Provide opportunities for quality affordable homeownership or rental opportunities
  • Meet eligibility and capability requirements, including organization type and permissible sources of funds
  • Adhere to participation standards that define the geographic area(s) in which properties may be acquired
  • Meet requirements for property selection, holding, and end disposition

*NOTE: In rare circumstances and in certain markets, NCST may work with for-profit organizations working in partnership with local non-profit organizations.

Please contact us for the most up-to-date Community Buyer Eligibility Requirements or with any questions.

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5 C’s of Successful Neighborhood Stabilization

In addition to requiring local housing providers to meet the buyer eligibility requirements above, NCST has learned the most successful neighborhood stabilization programs and housing providers follow these five “C’s”:

  • Collaboration. An established partnership between government agencies, non-profits and other local stakeholders, with roles and areas of accountability clearly defined.
  • Concentration. Focus on defined geographic areas so that acquisition activities can be concentrated, increasing the likelihood of a tangible impact.
  • Comprehensiveness. Complement acquisition and rehabilitation of properties with related social investments, improvements to infrastructure and a marketing campaign.
  • Capacity. Include organizations with the ability to assess, acquire, manage, rehab and convey properties at scale.
  • Capital. Maintain sufficient resources, and public and private sources of capital, to conduct a successful stabilization program.

If you are interested in becoming a participating buyer, please contact us for more information.