Middle River, MD – HSR Property Group

This home was vacant for many years when it was purchased by NCST community buyer, HSR Property Group, LLC. It is located in a well-kept community with an HOA. After more than $50,000 in rehab the home once again is a benefit to the neighborhood versus being a detriment.

HSR completely updated the home to 2018 standards. The new tenant is a single mother who receives a housing subsidy, which helps her stretch the money she earns working to cover the needs of her four children. The prior property the family lived in was very small, and wasn’t within walking distance of the older children’s high school. Now the older children can walk to school, and the family has four bedrooms and two full baths, which gives them space to study, relax, and thrive. The children were very excited to have access to the community pool for summertime fun!

Renovations to the exterior of the house included a new architectural roof, gutters, and downspouts, new windows where necessary, new exterior light fixtures, updated landscaping, and a new sliding door to provide easy access to the backyard. The house was completely gutted and new dry wall installed, fresh paint was applied throughout, all rotted sub-flooring was removed and new subfloors and flooring installed, the kitchen was completely upgraded with new appliances and countertops, new lighting fixtures were installed throughout, and new interior doors and hardware were added. The upstairs bathrooms were gutted, remodeled, and outfitted with new vanities, plumbing fixtures, and lighting fixtures. A new high efficiency HVAC system, water heater, underground sewage plumbing, and sump pump were installed. All electrical and plumbing systems were replaced and brought up to current Baltimore County code, and new hard-wired smoke detectors, a carbon monoxide detector, and CO detectors were added.