Jacksonville, FL – Community Development Coalition Corporation (CDCC)

The new owner-occupants of this home lived previously in a mobile home community, where they were charged only $350 per month for rent. Unfortunately, their landlord passed away and the mobile home community fell into ruin. However, the landlord’s children sold the units, and then generously used the proceeds from the sales to subsidize the housing costs for some of the former tenants. These new homeowners, a disabled man and his wife in their late 50’s, earn less than $700 per month and greatly appreciate the subsidy gift they received which allowed them to purchase their new home.

When Community Development Coalition Corporation (CDCC) acquired this three bedroom, two bath home through the NSI First Look program, a tree had fallen on the back of the house, destroying the kitchen and back bathroom. They learned this part of the home was built as an illegal addition so they had to demolish it and then rebuild the original wall. CDCC fully renovated the home, spending more than $63,000, which included building a new kitchen, adding a new roof, plumbing and water heater, upgrading the electric and wiring, adding all new flooring, fully renovating the bathrooms, and installing a new appliance package. They repaired all the walls and trim, applied fresh paint throughout, and installed new deadbolts and smoke detectors. CDCC also pressure cleaned the entire exterior of the home, added a new privacy fence, demolished some sheds that were on the property, and made concrete repairs.

The new owners moved in with little furniture, so the family that subsidized the property purchase asked for and received donated furniture for the couple from members of their church.

CDCC began their work in 2013 – they previously performed demolition work for the city of Jacksonville and after demolishing thousands of once-affordable homes, knew they wanted to be a part of rehabbing and returning these much-needed homes to those in the community who desperately desire the opportunity to purchase a decent, affordable home.