Hamilton, OH – County Corp Montgomery County

A single Father, who is below 80-percent AMI, started credit counseling a year ago in the hopes of owning a home for he and his daughter. He worked hard and established credit to be able to qualify for a home loan, and was able to purchase this Hamilton, Ohio home.

County Corp. first had to remove a large amount of trash left by the prior owners. They then completed more than $24,000 in repairs to the home, which included freshly painting the entire exterior and interior, installing new vinyl double-hung windows, and putting in new kitchen cabinets, counter tops, fixtures, and appliances. Also, they added new lighting, new electrical switches, new ceramic tile floors in the kitchen and bath, new carpeting, and had the hardwood flooring professionally refinished. They also remodeled the basement, installed a new rear porch, landscaping, new door hardware, and included new steel-insulated exterior entry doors.

The City of Hamilton is a target area for County Corp, as they have an established partner who provides credit and first-time homebuyer counseling services. They have completed one other home, and two more homes are in progress.