Dayton, OH – County Corp Montgomery County

County Corp Montgomery County purchased this NSI First Look property, and then worked in partnership with TDK Investment, LLC to complete the rehab and return the home to the market as an affordable rental for an occupant earning less than 80% AMI. The new renters include a husband, wife and their five children. Unfortunately they had been living in a homeless shelter and the mother was pregnant with their fifth child. Shortly after the new baby arrived, they were able to move in to this renovated rental home. Homefull, an organization that provides shelter and a continuum of services worked with County Corp to identify this family and will continue to assist the family to ensure they are successful. The father is working a full-time job, and the mother will return to work when the baby is a little older.

More than $22,000 was invested in the home for rehab, including fresh paint applied throughout, the water supply to the home and the water heater replaced, new flooring, carpeting, counter tops, appliances, lighting and plumbing fixtures installed, drywall replaced, all windows replaced and new screens installed, electrical system updated, missing siding replaced, new locks installed, interior doors replaced, and smoke detectors installed on each level.

The neighborhood is a great mix of newly constructed homes and older homes, with a large percentage of owner-occupants. The house is a perfect fit for the family with a fenced yard and a lot of living space that includes four bedrooms and two full baths. The next door neighbor, who has lived in her home for many years, was very appreciative that this once vacant home was rejuvenated and will now be occupied.