Baltimore, MD – RPS Solutions, LLC

Kevin Seawright, operating manager of RPS Solutions, LLC, and an NCST Community Buyer, purchased this townhome through the NSI First Look program and it was sold via word-of-mouth based on the affordable home renovation work that RPS is becoming known for in Baltimore City.

“We are extremely appreciative of NCST, and its team members and partners,” Kevin said. “We could not make these dreams of home ownership happen if not for your assistance. These are positive stories of individuals setting themselves in the right direction with wealth progression purchases.”

The buyer is now a very happy first-time homeowner. She and several family members have been long-term members of Baltimore City’s educational landscape. She was awarded a Baltimore City Employee Assistance Grant that helped her acquire funding for the home.

This 1,152 square foot townhouse was originally built in 1959, and was renovated to incorporate modern updates and amenities. It features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a fully revamped kitchen complete with new appliances, hardwood floors, recessed lighting, and crown molding. The home is on a large lot and offers a big yard that’s perfect for outdoor entertaining. It’s located in a popular Baltimore City revitalization zone, and offers easy access to more than 20 restaurants and several nearby grocery stores. Most appealing to the new owner was the home’s close access to an elementary school and three middle schools.

The RPS Solutions model is to acquire, renovate and place homes on the market within 30-45 days, in order to supply more first-time homebuyers with the opportunity to purchase a quality, affordable home.