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Community Update

Each month we publish an e-newsletter – “Community Update” – to share interesting perspectives, news, events, property success stories and more with our community, those invested in restoring affordable neighborhoods. We also release periodic Quick Updates pertaining to our industry or operations.

Fact Sheets

Download our .pdf Fact Sheets for information on our work and programs.

Policy Corner

Each month in our Community Update e-newsletter, we publish a Policy Corner column written by Julia Gordon, executive vice president or a policy associate. You will find these columns on our Policy Blog.

Community Restoration Corporation Report

This report explores the implementation, outcomes, and lessons learned from the Community Restoration Corporation’s acquisition and management of a Non-Performing Loan portfolio over the course of several years.

Overview: Despite an overall housing recovery, many communities are still held back by high numbers of vacant and abandoned homes. Increasingly, states are experimenting with expedited foreclosure processes for these properties to prevent blight – but are those laws producing results. This report finds that the expedited foreclosure laws in four states – Illinois, New Jersey, New York, and Ohio – appear to have produced minimal results. Rather, these legislative efforts are more useful as policy vehicles for other changes to foreclosure laws.

NCST CRC Report_2019

Our 2009-2013 Five-Year Update

NCST made great strides in our first five years to help local housing providers, local government, and financial institutions implement strategic, sustainable programs to stabilize neighborhoods. We invite you to learn more.

View the .pdf version of the Five-Year Update.