Swimming off into the Deep Blue Sea

When I was hired to replace Craig Nickerson as President of NCST, the board asked one thing of me. They asked me to honestly assess the future need for NCST and recommend back to them what to do based on that assessment. 

While my first year on the job was challenging due to financial issues and the changing landscape of the REO market, the new developments in the REO market underscored the critical need for an organization whose mission was to fight for the revitalization of foreclosed and abandoned properties for purposes of affordable homeownership or rental. I have discussed those developments in previous columns, but, basically, the rise of institutional investors has caused millions of REO properties to convert from homeownership to unaffordable rental, and the reliance upon on-line auctions to sell low value properties has resulted in those properties being purchased by distant buyers and then abandoned once again.

  by Rob Grossinger, President, NCST

With a firm belief that NCST is the organization to carry on the fight, the Board and I have pursued a dual strategy of continued work on the REOMatch® First Look platform to deliver inventory along with a significantly expanded focus on government policy, which can be helpful or very harmful to neighborhood revitalization. 

As we pass our ten-year anniversary, NCST has emerged as a leading voice for neighborhoods and single-family housing affordability, and is looking at ways to push this mission for 2019 and beyond. Because of the organization’s strong position, I believe now is a good time to enable new leadership to seek those new opportunities for NCST. 

I will be stepping down as President of NCST on June 30,2019. For me, it’s time to follow my passion.  I’ve been scuba diving for 27 years and have been a Divemaster-Instructor for 10 years.  I will be teaching more classes, servicing and repairing scuba equipment, and just hanging out at my scuba shop to fill my weeks. I feel very lucky to be able to follow this passion while still physically able to do so. I am also lucky to have such a great person taking the reins at NCST. The NCST Board chair, Lot Diaz has written a column hailing the appointment of the next president of NCST, but if you can’t wait to read it, the next president will be our Executive Vice President, Julia Gordon.

Thank you all for being our partners in our common mission. Also, thank you for giving me the privilege of working with you, for making my life brighter and, of course, for the fun we’ve had while working for the common good.