NCST is pleased to share publications, comment letters and letters in which one of our team members served as an author or as a signee. This is another way we serve as a voice for vacant properties and the mission-focused developers working to return these properties to productive use.

NCST Publication:

  • NCST – Fast Track Foreclosure Laws: Not a Silver Bullet for Fighting Blight
    • Overview: Despite an overall housing recovery, many communities are still held back by high numbers of vacant and abandoned homes. Increasingly, states are experimenting with expedited foreclosure processes for these properties to prevent blight – but are those laws producing results. This report finds that the expedited foreclosure laws in four states – Illinois, New Jersey, New York, and Ohio – appear to have produced minimal results. Rather, these legislative efforts are more useful as policy vehicles for other changes to foreclosure laws.
    • Date: 08/15/2018


NCST Public Comments: