Buyer Success Stories

We are successful together.

NCST helps hundreds of communities by serving as the intermediary for property sales – more than $1.5 billion to-date – that transform and stabilize neighborhoods. Every one of these dollars is a direct investment in the strength of a community. Thanks to our local housing providers (buyers), approximately 25,000 properties have been returned to the community for rehab and affordable housing opportunities.

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to read these Buyer Success Stories and learn more about the important work accomplished.

  • Covington, GA – Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership, Inc. (ANDP)

    Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership, Inc. (ANDP) purchased this Covington, Georgia property through the NSI First Look program. ANDP rehabbed and sold the home to a veteran of the U.S. Marines. Tony was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy in 1976. He served on the USS Independence, and…

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  • Philadelphia, PA – Giller Realty, LLC

    This single-family home was purchased by Giller Realty, LLC, through the NSI First Look program. The property is in a transitional area, so it was an important acquisition in Giller’s neighborhood revitalization plan to preserve affordable rentals. The area has a mix of higher-end development and lower-end…

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  • Elgin, IL – Black Square Midwest

    “The NSI First Look program is fantastic as it really helps communities and promotes homeownership,” said Mike Olszewski, of Black Square Midwest, an NCST community buyer. “We feel good about our partnership with NCST, as we’re able to improve area neighborhoods, as well as improve area home…

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  • Morrisville, PA – Habitat for Humanity of Bucks County

    Habitat for Humanity of Bucks County purchased this property through the NSI First Look program, and it is now home for Dawn and her four children. Unfortunately, Dawn’s husband left her after years of marriage, and she was also left with massive debt. She and her four…

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  • Harvard, IL – Black Square Midwest

    An area firefighter, his spouse, and their two young children are now the proud owner-occupants of this three bedroom, two bath home in Harvard, IL. This suburban community offers a more rural feel which attracts families who want to live a quieter, slower pace of life. NCST…

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  • Jacksonville, FL – Community Development Coalition Corporation (CDCC)

    Community Development Coalition Corporation (CDCC) purchased this Jacksonville, Florida, home through the NSI First Look program for the purpose of rehabbing it to resell to buyers needing a renovated, affordable home. As CDCC was renovating the home, it was broken into on three occasions. The first time…

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  • Palatine, IL – KeySay

    Gretchen wanted to move back to Chicago from Florida to be near her children and grandchildren. She needed to buy an affordable home to ensure that if she has to stop working soon she will be able to live on her social security benefit. Gretchen looked at…

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  • Detroit MI – Central Detroit Christian Community Development (CDCCD)

    Central Detroit Christian Community Development (CDCCD) acquired this Detroit home through NCST’s Enhanced Offer program. It has now been leased to a family in need of an affordable rental opportunity. CDCCD spent more than $10,000 to rehab this 823 square foot single-family home, built in 1946, with…

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  • District Heights, MD – KCE, Inc.

    This home in District Heights, Maryland was purchased through the First Look program. Unfortunately it was in overall poor condition when NCST community buyer, KCE, Inc., purchased it; however, the property is located on a block with mostly well-kept older homes in an established neighborhood with some…

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  • Fairburn, GA – No Limits CDC

    Fairburn, GA is a suburb of Atlanta, and like many communities in Fulton County it was left with a high rate of vacant homes due to declining values after the housing crisis. NCST community buyer, No Limits CDC, is working to restore Fairburn’s neighborhoods by acquiring, renovating…

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