Understanding Neighborhood Stabilization

The foreclosure crisis impacted many homeowners. That impact continues to reverberate through many communities today, especially in our multicultural neighborhoods. These left behind neighborhoods filled with foreclosed, abandoned and vacant homes, experience the debilitating effects of blight, neighborhood decay, and reduced property values.

NCST is keenly focused on these left behind markets. We are dedicated to helping the homeowners, the local community housing providers (Buyers) and the financial institutions (Sellers) find the right solutions for each market.

We enjoy continued success with the programs we first launched, such as First Look, and are excited to bring the next steps of neighborhood revitalization to fruition, with programs like The ReClaim Project and the Neighborhood Stabilization Initiative (NSI).

Many of our Community Buyers continue to rehabilitate homes to attract first-time homebuyers, and they are also performing forward-thinking steps such as rehabilitating homes to green standards and to disability access standards. Read more of our Buyer Success stories.

In many areas we have supported, homes are now occupied, their prices have increased, and neighborhoods are once again thriving. We will continue to gather all stakeholders and push for strategic efforts that support neighborhood stabilization to be launched in a timely manner. We will not stop until every neighborhood across the U.S. is thriving once again.