New Buyer Questionnaire

Please submit the following information about your organization.

13) Does your organization target end-users within 120% of the local area median income (AMI)? (required)

14) Does your organization introduce other entities in to the chain of title before a property is sold to a new homeowner? (required)

16) Have you ever been suspended or removed from a bank-sponsored First Look or Discounted Sales Program?

17) Has your organization directly acquired and rehabbed properties for resale, rental, or other disposition?

20) Please complete this form with a list of all properties directly acquired by the applying organization. Please do not include properties acquired by other entities or individuals. If additional room is needed, please include additional sheets. If you do not submit a form below, we will assume your organization does not have any acquisition history. (xlsx,.xls file types)

If you experience any issues with this form please email NCST