Neighborhood stabilization went high tech when we developed REOMatch, our web-based property transaction and mapping portal. This unique tool revolutionized how we show and transfer homes to Community Buyers. Our award-winning technology assists our Buyers in making streamlined property purchasing decisions that will most impact their neighborhood revitalization efforts. Watch our video:

REOMatch was recognized as a 2013 Laureate by Computerworld, which honors visionary applications of information technology promoting positive social, economic and educational change. The initial funding for the development of REOMatch was provided by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

REOMatch — How Does It Work?


REOTrack is NCST’s centralized reporting resource for community buyers. This web-based data management and reporting tool captures and organizes information on properties acquired through our programs. REOTrack helps the buyers and NCST meet program obligations required by the sellers participating in NCST programs. through creating standardized reports.

Each buyer receives a unique REOTrack log-in and can easily compile and organize data on all properties acquired through NCST, such as the disposition strategy, rehab costs, listing date/price, sale date/price, scope of rehab completed, marketing strategy, and homebuyer counseling verification. In addition, buyers can upload documents such as MLS/listing agreements, resale HUD-1, and before and after photographs of the rehabbed home.

REOTrack log-ins are only provided to active NCST buyers. If you’re an active buyer and have REOTrack questions, please contact your Senior Asset Manager. Inquiries may also be sent to