Middle Neighborhoods

Working alongside national and local partners, NCST houses and supports the Middle Neighborhoods Initiative.

This initiative brings attention to neighborhoods across the country that have long been stable communities for middle and working class families, but that today are often teetering on the edge between growth or decline. Modest investments in middle neighborhoods can sustain them as safe, affordable communities that offer a high quality of life and access to opportunity

NCST coordinates national Middle Neighborhoods activities, including conducting research on neighborhood dynamics and developing policy proposals for supporting and investing in middle neighborhoods. NCST also leads a communication efforts focused on the importance of devoting resources to middle neighborhoods. 

You can learn more about the Middle Neighborhoods Initiative at middleneighborhoods.org and sign up to receive the Middle Neighborhoods newsletter and Community of Practice updates below.

NCST is advised by the Middle Neighborhoods National Steering Committee, which consists of 20 prominent middle neighborhoods practitioners, policymakers, researchers, and funders working at national, state, and local levels.

NeighborWorks America supports the Middle Neighborhoods Community of Practice (CoP).  The CoP brings city officials and neighborhood-based organizations working to stabilize middle neighborhoods across the nation together with policy makers, academics, financial institutions, and foundations interested in these efforts.  The primary purpose of the CoP is to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and identify technical assistance opportunities among practitioners.