Real Estate Professionals

Real estate professionals play an important role in rebranding and reviving overlooked communities.

Does NCST work with Real Estate Professionals?

Yes. We fully recognize and value that Real Estate Professionals are the eyes and ears of their local housing markets and neighborhoods. NCST needs the support of the local real estate community to do our work. We know you also work diligently to provide a valuable service to financial institutions.

Many of our community buyers are also real estate brokers, or employ real estate professionals on their staff. We understand and appreciate that Real Estate Professionals are in the forefront for changing negative perceptions about a neighborhood – a role that is very important in the rebranding and ultimate revival of that community.

How does NCST’s work benefit Real Estate Professionals?

When a neighborhood is stable that means property values are maintained, neighborhood schools perform better, local businesses thrive and the area becomes desirable for future homeowners and renters. This is good news for the neighborhood, for homeowners and for local real estate professionals.