Round Lake Beach, IL – KeySay, LLC

At 78 years old, Bella had been living in a second floor apartment for 15 years; however, she has severe arthritis in her hands and hips, and has gone through both hip and back surgery, and it became more difficult for her to walk upstairs. She earns less than 80% AMI, but due to the good work of NCST community buyer, KeySay, she is now the proud owner of a one-story, 974 square foot, renovated home.

KeySay purchased this vacant property through the First Look program. The home is located near the home of her son and his family, which allows her to spend more time with her granddaughters. Bella can also bring in her own groceries without having to seek assistance.

Rehab on the property included new doors and locks, new carpeting and laminate flooring, new kitchen appliances, fresh paint, and updated windows. In addition, the electrical, plumbing and heating systems were inspected and repaired as needed.

There are nearby amenities in this community such as grocery stores, coffee shops, and restaurants, as well as two public parks so the new owner will not have to travel far to do her shopping or enjoy a meal out.