Overlea, MD – Remington Accessible Properties

Remington Accessible Properties renovated this home and included audible/visual doorbells in each room, along with additional lighting which fit the need of the new tenant who is visually impaired and lives in the home with her two children. She recently completed courses that have helped her learn how to deal with her disability and to be able to maintain a safe home for her family.

More than $33,000 was spent on renovating this single-family home including all new windows, repairing the drywall and applying fresh paint to walls, doors and trim throughout home, replacing the closet doors, installing new bathroom vanities, sinks and lighting, replacing carpeting throughout, repairing/replacing the kitchen cabinets and adding new appliances, putting in new hardwired smoke/Co2 detectors, refurbishing the basement with new carpet, tile, paint and lighting, and adding an additional bedroom, furnishing a new washer and dryer, installing a new storm door, replacing the sump pump, and replacing the exterior doors.