Orlando, FL – H.E.L.P. Community Development Corporation, Inc.

This single-family property in Orlando, Florida, is in one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods and near one of its oldest landmarks, Leu Gardens. However, it was in poor shape when acquired, and is also situated on a busy road, making it less desirable for buyers.

H.E.L.P. Community Development Corporation, Inc. spent more than $60,000 in renovating the home, including removing and moving walls to make the floor plan more functional and modern, new and repaired sheetrock, fresh paint for both the exterior and interior, new cabinets, countertops, faucets, and hardware for the kitchen and bathrooms, new appliances, repaired and replaced plumbing throughout, fresh stucco siding applied, and new landscaping installed.

The home was sold to a family that includes three small children, and they are thrilled to have the opportunity to live in a more desirable part of town. H.E.L.P. sold this family the home for less than market value due to their income restraints.

This street did contain multiple dilapidated houses, but now other property rehabbers are working on renovation projects on this same road – bringing a fresh appeal back to the area.