Jacksonville, FL – Community Development Coalition Corp.

NCST community buyer, Community Development Coalition Corporation (CDCC), acquired this single-family home through the NSI First Look program with a goal of rehabbing and returning it to the community as a safe, decent, affordable property for a tenant in the Housing Choice Voucher program. Unfortunately, the home was in very poor shape – CDCC spent more than $37,000 in renovations, and had to apply for multiple permits since so many major items had to be replaced. Some of these major items included the rebuilding of the entire joist system and subfloor due to termite infestation and rotting, which caused the flooring in the kitchen, master bedroom entrance, and bathroom to cave in. As well, the entire house had to be re-leveled.

But now a single Mom and her two daughters are living in this affordable, renovated two-bedroom home. Prior to this home, the family had lived with her Mother, and now they have a home and space of their own and she is building her credit.

The house had been broken into and all of the electrical wiring, the air conditioner, and the cabinetry was stolen. Renovations included rewiring the entire house, replacing all of the plumbing and fixtures, purchasing a new air conditioner, and putting on a new roof as the old one had multiple major leaks. CDCC retextured and painted all walls, replaced or repaired windows and window trim, installed new carpeting, replaced interior doors, installed a new privacy fence, replaced the kitchen cabinets, sink, and countertop, updated the bathroom with new cabinets, sink, and toilet, and refinished the bathtub. They also put in new appliances, a water heater, and smoke detectors. They pressure cleaned the exterior of the house including the walls, driveway, patio, screen enclosure area, and walkway, and had the home cleaned before the new tenant moved in.