Elgin, IL – Black Square Midwest

“The NSI First Look program is fantastic as it really helps communities and promotes homeownership,” said Mike Olszewski, of Black Square Midwest, an NCST community buyer. “We feel good about our partnership with NCST, as we’re able to improve area neighborhoods, as well as improve area home values which helps other local homeowners and the city.”

A police officer, his spouse, and their young child are now the proud owner-occupants of this two bedroom, two and one-half bath townhome in Elgin, IL. They were seeking a ready-to-move-in home and were very pleased with the renovations made on this once vacant home. Black Square also contributed $3,000 in closing costs for this family.

After Black Square acquired this vacant home they completed more than $20,000 in renovations. They replaced all padding and carpeting, refinished the hardwood floors, repaired all drywall and freshly painted the interior, added new light fixtures including recessed lights and ceiling fans, made carpentry repairs throughout, changed all door locks, inspected and repaired the electrical and plumbing systems, serviced the HVAC, and even painted the garage walls and floors.

“We’re pleased to provide a home in great condition for those who serve our communities,” added Mr. Olszewski. “A police officer has a dangerous profession and our goal is to ensure they have a nice home to enjoy with their families and friends.”