Detroit, MI – MJ Realty

This three bedroom, two bath home in the historic North Rosedale Park neighborhood in Detroit was completely renovated, with the kitchen and bathrooms accounting for most of the $48,000 invested in rehab. The entire basement was cleaned, and a section was also completely finished out, including adding a second full bathroom. The main bathroom was also completely renovated.

Now, a single Mom of four school-aged children has a two-year lease on this home for a below-market rental rate. In their previous rental property there were numerous problems, including mold and moisture in the basement, which concerned her. MJ Realty, the NCST community buyer, listened to this Mom during renovation to ensure the home finishes, including paint colors, would please her. This made her feel very appreciated.

North Rosedale Park is a vibrant community of mostly well-kept homes, with few vacant homes and an active commercial area. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2006, and was largely developed from the late 1920s through the 1940s. Rosedale Park has more modest house and lot sizes reflecting the solidly middle- and upper-middle class status of the original homeowners.

The renovations MJ Realty made include new security lighting, landscaping, and a privacy fence for the backyard so the children have a safe place to play. All of the hardwood floors were refinished, new tile finishes and flooring were added in the bathrooms and kitchen, all walls were repaired and skim coated, and fresh paint was applied throughout. They also repaired the damaged ceilings, replaced missing windows and broken doors, waterproofed the basement, and installed security doors. In addition, a new AC unit was installed, the furnace was repaired, plumbing throughout was updated, including fixtures, and the electrical system was repaired.