Detroit, MI – MJ Realty Service

This single family home was built in 1916, and NCST Community Buyer MJ Realty Service completely restored it while maintaining the character and charm that makes it unique. Located in the heart of Southwest Detroit, the Springwells neighborhood is still transitioning; there are some vacant properties and a few empty lots from homes that were demolished. However, it’s a nice working class community with many nearby businesses and restaurants.

The home has enough space for the new family of four – a single mother with three school-aged children – to spread out and enjoy quiet areas for studying and relaxing, including a great covered porch just off the kitchen. This family had been renting a home from another landlord, but it wasn’t maintained. The family saw sewage in the basement and dealt with rodent infestations. They are grateful for this renovated home near the children’s schools.

Marcus Jones, associate broker for MJ Realtor Service, said that restoring these affordable homes “is more than just real estate; we are rebuilding communities.” In addition to restoring homes for families in need, they also provide jobs for local laborers, with a goal of helping some of these workers begin earning a living wage and get back on their feet. Mr. Jones added that it’s their goal to “provide a quality living environment to everyone regardless of the end user or income, as everyone appreciates a nice living environment.”

This buyer invested $65,000 into the restoration including remodeling the entire kitchen area with new cabinets, plumbing fixtures, backsplash, flooring, and appliances, replacing the decking and subfloor throughout, sanding and refinishing all hardwood floors, repairing and updating the bathrooms, repairing damaged ceilings and walls, then priming and painting all ceilings and walls throughout, installing a new entry door and new exterior security doors, waterproofing the basement, replacing missing windows, replacing the roof and gutters on both the house and detached garage, and installing a new furnace, boiler and boiler lines, and water heater, replacing missing radiators, replacing the plumbing throughout, and updating electrical throughout the home. To finish, they freshened up the landscaping in the front and back yards.