Dayton, OH – County Corp Montgomery County

County Corp Montgomery County worked in partnership with TDK Investment, LLC, to complete over $24,000 in repairs to this Dayton, OH, home, including several very critical items needed to make this house safe. The windows in the home were old and broken, and the interior was filthy. The support beams on the front of the home were beginning to rot, and the front porch steps had sunk. The buyer estimated that given a few more months the front of the house would have collapsed. They replaced the support beams and poured a new porch and steps to make a safe entrance for the new tenants.

Renovations also included a new roof, exterior painting, new windows, a new garage door, new carpet, paint, and fixtures throughout the whole house, a new sink and toilet in the bathroom and a new furnace.

The tenants were found through Homefull, a local agency that helps place homeless and families at-risk of homelessness. The single Mom, who earns less than 80% AMI, and her three children were living in a homeless shelter before being able to rent this affordable, safe home. The mom moved to Dayton from the Columbus area as she had personal struggles that lead to homelessness. She is so happy to be able to rent this home and move out of the shelter, especially as one of her children has a learning disability and was having a very hard time coping at the shelter.