Baltimore, MD – From House to Home

A first-time homebuyer who works full-time, is a volunteer firefighter, and is only 24 years-old, is the new owner occupant of this Baltimore home that was acquired and rehabbed by NCST community buyer, From House to Home, through the NSI First Look program. The new owner, who earns less than 80% AMI, received homebuyer counseling, $5,000 from the seller, and a grant from the city, all of which allowed him to purchase this home.

According to From House to Home, the neighbors noted this home was vacant for more than two years and they’re very happy to have it occupied once again, as it’s just down the street from a large church and school. The community buyer was also able to stop by the home after the new owner moved in, and with the help of his girlfriend and his Mom had the home decorated well and had really made this once vacant property into a home.

From House to Home spent more than $54,000 in rehab, which included a full demo and renovation of the kitchen, adding a full bath, and finishing the basement which adds value to the home. They also updated the electric and HVAC to code, installed a new AC unit, added new electric outlets and switches, installed can lighting in some rooms, replaced water-damaged drywall, added fresh paint and carpeting throughout, replaced exterior doors and lighting, installed gutters and downspouts, and even repaired the steps leading to the home to alleviate a large gap.

After the new owner closed, Civic Works, a local program that installs insulation free for city residents who earn less than $60,000, installed insulation in the home.