Board of Managers

Ed Jacob

Past Executive Director, NHS of Chicago

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Ed assumed the top leadershi...

Thomas A. Bledsoe

President and CEO, Housing Partnership Network

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Tom Bledsoe is the chief executive officer of the Hous...

Jeanne Fekade-Sellassie

Sr. Vice President, National Initiatives, NeighborWorks America

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Fekade-Sellassie was just one year into her job as a N...

Terri Ludwig

President and CEO Enterprise Community Partners

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Terri Ludwig is president and chief executive officer of E...

Marc Morial

Marc Morial, President and CEO National Urban League

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Entrepreneur. Lawyer. Professor. Legislator. Mayor. Preside...

Janet Murguía

Janet Murguía, President and CEO National Council of La Raza

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As someone who has experienced the promise of the American...

Michael Rubinger

Michael Rubinger, President and CEO Local Initiatives Support Corporation

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Michael Rubinger has been the President and Chief Exec...

Rob Grossinger

President, National Community Stabilization Trust

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Rob has held leadership roles in the community...

Success Stories

Centreville, Maryland - Hogar Hispano, Inc.

Hogar Hispano, Inc. purchased this Maryland single-family home and transformed it with more than $21,000 in rehabilitation to a family-ready home for a buyer who was at 67% of AMI. The family wanted to have their own place with a yard to call home for their children.