NCST increases access to homeownership, promotes resilient neighborhoods, and advances racial equity by advocating for policy change, strengthening housing markets, and innovating capital solutions to close the wealth gap. In our work, we provide community-based buyers the opportunity to acquire vacant, abandoned, and distressed properties as part of their neighborhood revitalization strategy. We also work with policymakers, and with our national and local partners, to research solutions and advocate for policies to advance affordable homeownership.

The Homeownership Alliance is a practitioner-led collaboration that advocates for more resources and better policies to increase affordable homeownership opportunities for American families. We are committed to building a robust, nonprofit-led delivery system that will increase access to homeownership for those who have been left behind by our current system in an effort to close America’s racial wealth gap.

The DASH Fund aims to drive positive race and wealth equity outcomes from increased neighborhood stabilization, minority homeownership, and job creation – all goals that are integral to NCST’s work. The loan program provides flexible capital to small entrepreneurs who acquire, renovate, and re-sell single-family homes to neighborhoods that have historically suffered from disinvestment.